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Celebrating Student Employment

Join the University Information team! University Information, a unit of Communications and Marketing, is the department that provides campus information and visitor services at Mason.  To learn more about us click here. To learn more about our mission, vision and core values click here.

Working with University Information
Working with University Information is a rewarding experience! We care about your academic and career success.  We offer a friendly, flexible, professional and collaborative environment. Your professional skills in public relations, interpersonal communication, problem solving, organization, attention to detail, customer service, computer research and multitasking will be used and enhanced. All of which, future employers want. Our goal is for each student employee to:

  • Like what you do with us and learn new skills.
  • Evolve for growth and embrace the changes occurring at Mason.
  • Anticipate member needs and assess expectations.
  • Dare to be distinct and do something remarkable.

University Information manages and employs approximately 50-60 student wage employees as information assistants at the information desks, switchboard or administrative office. Each position serves as a front line representative of George Mason University.
You will learn to provide historical, accurate and timely information about all aspects of the university either on the phone or in person, to both the internal and external community. You’ll have the opportunity to network with faculty, staff, students, alumni, visitors, community partners, prospective students and families, administrators, academic departments and administrative departments. University Information student employees enhance web research skills, contribute to department decisions and campus-wide initiatives, assist with special projects and receive ongoing reward and recognition.

Pay Rate and Scheduling
Each area is open a variety of hours between 7 a.m. - 12 a.m. to service the unique needs of the internal and external community on each campus. The starting pay ranges between $9.00 - $9.50 per hour for a schedule of 10-25 hours per week. The number of hours you are scheduled is based on availability and the coverage needs of each area during weekdays, weeknights and weekends.  

Job Responsibilities and Qualifications
Please submit an application if you are positive, dedicated, desire extra income, enjoy Mason and feel you can work with a team to help accomplish the mission, vision and core values of University Information and George Mason University. Students work during the day, evenings, late night and weekend shifts as well as assist during breaks or inclement weather.

Each position requires: a positive and helpful attitude, excellent listening skills, a clear and understandable speaking voice, presentation skills, the ability and willingness to learn and retain information, remain organized and multitask, pay attention to detail, the desire to help people, the ability to work independently and within a team in a fast paced environment. Commitment, dedication, reliability, punctuality, integrity, and competency with computers and Web sites are essential.

Desired candidates must possess: the ability to work independently and take initiative, a positive and professional attitude and a commitment to work with people of diverse backgrounds. For additional information contact the manager of each area.

Complete and submit your application via HireMason.

General Job Description
Each position is expected to:

  • Exhibit positivity and a high level of customer service.
  • Greet customers, visitors and community members in a friendly and inviting manner.
  • Answer and transfer calls to the requested department or person.
  • Share information on all aspects of George Mason University including event information, handouts about the university, academic programs, and directions to and around all campuses.
  • Represent Mason in a professional and positive manner as an ambassador.
  • Follow Mason and University Information policies and procedures.
  • Use available manuals, Web sites, and database resources to share directory information; hours of operation; information about departments and services; events on the campuses; and events in the building.
  • Learn Mason's history, keep up-to-date on information and always dispense timely, accurate information.
  • Read and respond to all University Information emails, blogs, newsletters and websites in a timely manner.
  • Assist with special projects, follow instructions, and meet deadlines.
  • Approve and post flyers.
  • Distribute telephone directories and learning supplies available for use.
  • Keep the desk and immediate area clean and organized.
  • Maintain desk signs, daily events signs and bulletin boards.
  • Assist with maintaining and sharing maps, brochures and flyers.
  • Make recommendations and give feedback to enhance the department.