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Outreach Database Request Form

For University Use Only

Complete the following form to request information from the Outreach database. You will be contacted shortly after the submission to confirm your request. Please allow 10 - 14 business days for your request to be completed (may take longer if you have requested Groups that require permission to use). If the information needed is for fund-raising purposes, you must contact the GMU Foundation at 703-993-8756 to obtain approval of your request prior to completing this form.

If you have your own mailing list that you would like to be included in your request, please note that we are able to add Excel files to your request. Files for requests being sent out via US mail should have separate columns for first name, last name, address, City, State and Zip Code. Files for requests being sent out via email only need to have email addresses. Please email any files to Janae Johnson

If you have any questions, please email Janae Johnson or call 703-993-1008.

1. Please check here if this is recurring request and you would like to use the same groups that were used in your last request. If you are using this option then please skip ahead to number 4.

2. Group(s) to be Included (Click here to view a list of groups contained in the outreach database.)

3. Other (Please list recognized organizations or groups only)

4. General Information to be Included (check all that apply)
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5. Format (check all that apply)
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6. Special Instructions (i.e. font, sort order)

7. Date Request to be Completed    (mm/dd/yyyy)

8. Reason for Request (i.e. invitations, fliers, commencements)

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