University Information

Aerial View of the George Mason Fairfax Campus

University Information Staff

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Philip Stamper, Associate Director, 703-993-9000/703-993-5308

Joshua Griset, Information Desk Supervisor, 703-993-9000/703-993-9004

Raymond Harris, Information and Facilities Coordinator, 703-993-7093

Janae Johnson, Fairfax Public Information Manager, 703-993-1008

Dennis Kisielewski, Information Services and Database Manager, 703-993-8693

Abby Miller, Information Desk Supervisor, 703-993-9000/703-993-2855/703-993-2859

Sarah Kersey Moran, Prince William Public Information Manager, 703-993-8341

Lauren Clark Reuscher, Arlington Public Information Manager, 703-993-8993

Dana Severson, Information Desk Supervisor, 703-993-9000/703-993-9004