Lost and Found Policy

The goal of our lost and found services is to ensure owners receive their lost items as quickly as possible. The Johnson Center Information Desk on the Fairfax Campus and the Van Metre Hall Information Desk on the Mason Square Campus accepts items found in the common areas (classrooms, event spaces, bathrooms, etc.) of Mason’s buildings, on the same day, and then submits them to Mason Police. Once per day, all unclaimed items will be delivered to Mason Police. Contact Mason Police at 703-993-2810 for Lost and Found items.

All items are recorded in the Lost and Found Log. The receiving employee will note the date and time, then have the submitter legibly log in their first, last name and signature. The receiving employee will list the specific description of the item and specific details pertaining to where the item was found (if applicable). The receiving employee will note the date, time and their first and last name legibly.

Items found in the academic and administrative offices and departments at Mason are only accepted when submitted the same day. Items held overnight or longer will be referred back to the office or department to handle directly with Mason Police, the official hub of Lost and Found. Excluded items will be discarded.

The Information Desks do not hold items for drop-off or pick-up.

The full list of what Mason Police does hold on to can be found on their Lost and Found page, which includes:

  • Wallets and purses
  • Passports and government issued identifications
  • Laptops and mobile devices valued at $500 or greater
  • Items of significant/high value (over $500)
  • Other high value or sensitive items may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

In accordance with Mason Police policies and Virginia Law, the information desks do not accept the following into Lost and Found:

  • Any type of clothing (including but not limited to coats/jackets, shoes, fleeces, knits, undergarments, seasonal items, etc.)
  • Food or drink containers, including plastic or reusable water bottles
  • Earbuds
  • Eyeglasses
  • Notebooks, journals, or loose paper
  • Plastic or reusable water bottles, food containers, lunch boxes, food, or other liquid items
  • Umbrellas

There is extremely limited space at the information desks and some of the items could pose a health hazard.

Mason Police will be notified about any illegal, dangerous, or potentially hazardous items (including but not limited to illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, medication, firearms, suspicious substances or items, etc.).

Mason ID cards are collected at least once a week by the Mason Card Office.

For questions and concerns regarding Lost and Found, contact Mason Police at 703-993-2810.