Braddock Road Marquee

The Office of University Branding maintains the content of the electronic signboard (Marquee) located on Braddock Road at the Nottoway River Lane entrance of the Fairfax Campus. The Marquee is two-sided and visible to east-bound and west-bound Braddock Road traffic.

The goal is to promote and enhance the image of George Mason University through the participation and engagement of the public and Mason community members in major events.

Acceptable format of messages and samples

  • Images should be a .jpg, .ppt or .psd (RGB and at least 72 dpi) file.
  • All images are to be submitted as 225 pixels wide by 140 pixels high.
  • Do not use white backgrounds and avoid light colored backgrounds, if possible.
  • Sample messages can be viewed here.
  • A PowerPoint Template has been created to make this process easier, it is already the proper size, just add in your text (no smaller than size 16 font) and photos.

For events and messages to appear on the Marquee, a request must be submitted directly from a campus department or student organization meeting the criteria below:

Information should be brief (50-75 characters) and include the date, time, and location of the event and font size no smaller than size 16. Types of messages include:

  • Text only, text over images, or images only
  • No video or moving animation
  • The length of time a message can be displayed is determined by University Information. Messages can run for up to 14 calendar days and may run longer if the schedule permits.
  • Up to 4 messages can be displayed from one department at one time
  • During low light times the messages will be dimmed
  • Each message is in rotation for eighteen hours a day, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.


  • The Office of University Branding does not create graphics for the marquee display.
  • Completed advertisements must be submitted 7 business days prior to the requested posting date to allow time for review and processing.
  • Requests are to be submitted via e-mail at Please include “Marquee Request” in the subject line. Also include the following in the body of your email:
    • Requested start and end date for display (up to 14 calendar days)
    • Organization or department
    • Contact name and title
    • Phone number and email
  • The Office of University Branding determines if an announcement meets the stated criteria, and reserves editorial rights on all messages. Should your message need to be edited, we will contact you and provide the opportunity to resubmit the message.
  • Images not received in the specified format will be returned and given an opportunity for revision, if time allows.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent once the posting has been approved.

Criteria of messages to be considered
Only events sponsored by Mason or EagleBank Arena, and open to the public and all Mason community members, will be considered. Events that are restricted cannot be posted to the Marquee. Events held on the Science and Technology Campus and Mason Square Campus or other site locations will be considered on a space available basis. Availability is limited and priority is given to major events.

  • Major events held in university event venues, such as:
    Center for the Arts The Hub Ballroom Wilkins Plaza (North Plaza)
    EagleBank Arena Finley Quad George Mason Stadiums
    Johnson Center Southside Plaza  RAC Field
    Harris Theatre SUB I Quad  Academic & Administrative Buildings
  • University sponsored or hosted events open to the community, such as:
    Forensics Tournaments International Week
    Homecoming Mason Day
    Welcome Week Midnight Madness
    Alumni Weekend Cultural Heritage Celebrations
    Move-in Days First Day of Classes
    Fall for the Book Vision Series
  • Major national and international speakers
  • Major athletic events
  • Major university accomplishments
  • Major events that may affect traffic
  • University schedule changes

Marquee ads should not contain:

  • False or misleading statements or exaggerations, visual or verbal
  • Claims insufficiently supported or that distort the true meaning or practicable application of statements made by professional or scientific authority
  • Statements, suggestions, or pictures to public decency or minority segments of the population
  • Inappropriate material, including but not limited to pornographic displays, nudity, etc.
  • Promotions of alcohol and tobacco consumption

Content presented on the Marquee should not:

  • Infringe the legal rights, including copyrights, rights of privacy and publicity, of others
  • Cause any damage or disadvantage to others
  • Disturb public order
  • Reflect a criminal act
  • Present or distribute any third parties’ private information without obtaining approval from such third parties
  • Disgrace others
  • Defame or libel others