February 12, 2019

Faculty/Staff Announcements (Mason E-Files)

University Information manages Mason E-Files (efiles@gmu.edu), delivering faculty/staff announcements via email at George Mason University.

  • Around Mason, the weekly faculty/staff announcements, are delivered via email every Monday morning. Mason departments may submit announcements to share information and opportunities with the faculty/staff community.
  • Mason E-Files Alert emails provide more urgent notification to faculty/staff regarding building maintenance, construction/traffic advisories, significant event impacts, or network disruptions. Depending on the nature of the alert, the email message may be sent to building-specific faculty/staff, or to the entire faculty/staff listserv.

Around Mason and Mason E-Files Alert are automatically sent to all active faculty (full-time, part-time, adjunct, and administrative) and all staff (full-time, part-time classified, non-student wage); university affiliates; and contractors. Around Mason and Mason E-Files Alert are only sent to @gmu.edu email addresses.

Additional listservs are managed for the Arlington Campus (arlcamp@gmu.edu) and SciTech Campus (scitech@gmu.edu) faculty/staff communities.